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Hi! I'm Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte Michelle, a real human who understands the struggles of creating and maintaining a long term healthy life. Have you ever thought to yourself one of the following:


“How do I decide what to eat, and how much? There’s just so much information out there!”


“I get nervous in the gym because I feel like people are watching me. How can I be more confident?”


“I want to start cooking more and exercising, but I don’t know what to do first.”


You are not the only one. Over the past several years, I have helped hundreds of people accomplish their goals ranging from losing 50+ pounds and gaining confidence, to increasing flexibility and eliminating pain. Through my programs, you can rest assured that I’ve got your back. Your goals become my goals and I will make sure you have every tool you need to succeed. With my degree in exercise physiology and nutrition from the University of Missouri, and 9 years in the field, I’ve got the education and experience to support my programs. 


Are you ready to set up your free consultation to chat about your goals and get started building your new lifestyle? Click below to set up a Skype or phone call!

Email me today at or Call at 573.578.0203!

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